Staff & Faculty

Mr.Wallace – Principal

Mrs. Varela – Preschool Director

Mrs. Casarez – Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Massey – Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Dougherty – Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Rogers – 1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Spelman – 2nd Grade Teacher

Miss Madsen – 3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Wallace – 4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Owens – 5th/6th Grade Teacher

Mr. Filer – Junior High Teacher

Mr. Ross – P.E. Director / Computer Technology Teacher / Science Teacher

Mrs. Trevino – Girl’s P.E. Coach

Mrs. Anderson – The Arts Teacher

Mrs. Ibarra – Librarian/Crusader Care Coordinator

Mrs. Herrera – A.M. Crusader Care

Mr. Ayers – Bookkeeper

Mrs. McCaskill – Secretary/Office Manager

Mr. Torres – Campus Security

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